Samnang Hin looks very much the part of what the CEO of the Cambodia’s leading helicopter transportation service in Cambodia should portray. But under the expensive suit and confident smile, is a man who survived a civil war, separation of family, and years of struggle, before becoming a success.

In 1988, he left to live with his sister in America. Hin spent his first year in the states far from other Cambodians. Living in the suburbs of Ventura, California, he finished his GED and studied finance in college. He was reunited with the Cambodian community when he transferred to California State University, Long Beach where he earned his degree in Financial Accounting.

After working for multi-billion dollar companies in California for 10 years, he returned to Cambodia to join Sokha Hotel Group in 2004. He then joined Helistar Cambodia in 2010. Working hard to secure safety for clients and expand the purpose of helicopter transportation and maintenance in the Kingdom of Cambodia, Hin believes that sky is the limit.

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