Francis Srun was born in Cambodia to an ethnically Chinese Teochew family. At the age of 10, Srun moved with his family to France, a place which he now calls home. Appreciative of his French nationality, Srun believes that his integration came from being proud of the country and culture, regardless of his origin and the color.

Building a Career
After graduating from a business school called the Grande Ecole in France, Srun was committed to attending commercial functions which focused on retail and distribution. He was offered opportunities to work for successful French distributors such as Carrefour,  Boucheron, and Lagardère as well as the Swiss prestige brand Piaget, and American lifestyle brand Ralph Lauren. He prides himself with a successful career in Luxury industry, as International VP and Regional CEO.

Francis Srun
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Today, he works for a Chinese conglomerate in textile and fashion. The RUYI Group owns notably different brands in Paris, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong. “I assist the group’s owners in the strategy and governance of the different fashion and Luxury brands, with the role of executive president of RUYI international Group based in Hong Kong,” Srun explained.

Srun’s career path can be credited to his serious attitude towards business. Srun claims some of the best businessmen who he admires, are often hands-on in their work and are informed of everything. life is made of details and the best businessmen I see, are incredibly hands-on, informed of everything. Creativity is also a key factor to success and should be implemented into daily life. Last but not least, is courage. Courage can make the difference between success and failure.

Advice Given and Received
The “new” generations are full of entrepreneurs, Srun observed. He admires their passion, creativity, and their sense of collaboration. At the same time, Srun has noticed the younger generation’s lack of focus on developing a real career or “métier,” in life. Although a career today is not as before, Srun admits that no one has only one job for their entire life. That is why Srun thinks it is necessary for young people to discover what skills they have and apply it in a career.  “Having a métier gives you self-confidence,”Srun explained. “The question is not what you can do. but what you are doing better than other people. What you can do with pleasure, with pride, with passion?’’

Over the years of developing his career, Srun will always remember two advice he learned. “Be fearless and you will be strong,” Srun stated. “ If things go wrong, what would happen? Shall you be scared?” Risk will always come with doubts and fear, but can prove to be worth it.
“And be passionate,” Srun continued. “There is no professional life worth living if [there is no] passion for going to work every day.”

Although Srun is a busy man, he still finds time to collect luxury goods and share his wisdom. He wrote two books, one in French and one in English. Srun still attends conferences, sharing his experiences and knowledge on luxury brands, but he spends his free time with his family or exercising and playing tennis during the week.

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