Behind Chansan’s bright smile for the future, is his strong and beautiful partner, Hun Seng Chanda. Married in partnership as his wife and mother of three sons, Chanda leads and manages the business alongside her husband. Recently, she has been in many positions such as human resources manager, public relation of RE-EDGE and managing director of Mito Hotel. Her roles are very important for development and management in both companies. She is also an active member of many social activities.

She says her method is to keep what is already working well in a business, while still continuously changing the system in order for the team to become more efficient. Every detail of Mito hotel is planned in securing a profit while still adding to the venue’s value through integrating Khmer culture.


Boston Roots


Raised in Boston since she was a baby, Chanda wasn’t expecting to live in Cambodia. She had moved to the country where her mother fled from war, only to support her husband and help his family’s hotel business. During her arrival, the hotel began the process of building new brand and it demanded her attention. She created a new team of management and trained employees to a new system. The years went by and her children grew up, she found a place as an Cambodian American and decided to stay in her new home for good.


Chanda admitted that she faced difficulty in adapting herself through Khmer culture at first, especially in adjusting from speaking only English to speaking Khmer. Navigating the languages through communication was difficult as well as learning the cultural traditions in respect by gesturing and walking. She observes that Cambodian workers seem to have less competition in workplaces which is different from the way of workers in other countries do. However, this thing is getting better from day to day.


Discovering she liked meeting new people in Cambodia, Chanda felt that everyday was a new experience full of inspirations for new ideas. She learned to problem solve any obstacles for customers and for her job. Busy with events, management, and new tasks, Chanda barely has enough time to herself.



Techniques of Management


Unlike other business owners in Cambodia, Hun Chansan and Hun Seng Chanda thinks that no one is perfect, so they never expect too much from their employees. They believe as experienced leaders, they should set examples of moral behavior instead of blaming or using punishment as a method with their employees. The idea behind this method is to encourage an organization to grow and sustain itself for a long term. Training employees to have a sense of responsibility is very essential to the power couple. Overly strict discipline is not effective with a team in the long run, but it should be replaced with the sense of unity and seriousness. They found that an effective method with employees was to raise awareness of their employees’ flawed behaviors or attitudes and show the unintended consequences of their actions. Through their methods, the Re-Edge and Mito Hotel team has a more friendly and fun atmosphere.



A Couple That Works and Lives Together


Chansan and Chanda are not only a matched partners in workplace, but also good parents for their three sons at home. Their private life is a little bit different in term of characteristics and styles of working. Chanda has a habit of making decision and adapt herself with environment very quickly, while Chansan likes to consider every aspects of a problem and follow up the plan before reaching a final decision. Their differences balance each other and gives them more authority as a supportive couple.


In business, Chanda arranges, communicates, and manages the office with a help of her team. Supporting her husband on all the projects, while Chansan bears the responsibility of leading the company. Chansan is equally supportive of his wife, at home, he knows that Chanda plays a very important role in bonding the family relationship, solving any household problems, and is responsible with the daily tasks for the family’s welfare. Even though both of them are busy with the company, they value their relationship by making time for each other with the family. They have gone through many struggles together as a couple, acknowledging that no one was perfect, but they must accept their differences and solve any obstacle together.


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