Sew all edges with a 1/2 inch seam allowance leaving 1/4 of one side open. We used to have a porch swing in a house we rented a few years back and I loved sitting and enjoying the kids playing. I would like to add that I sent one side of the blanket to an embroidery shop and had I LOVE YOU embroidered in the corner in teeny tiny print. Love it, fantastic. Oh goodness! I love this idea! What a fabulous idea! Thank you for bringing it to us. Cost: Under $20. Yes, half the battle is being determined! It has two layers of flannel and a satin binding. blankets on the porch with a cup of hot “jo”, what a great way to begin this What fabric store did you purchase your flannel? I can’t wait to get into my craft studio and start sewing again. I always use them when trying out new techniques whether sewing, knitting or crocheting. Take your needle around the edge, and slide it into the flannel underneath. Pin all the edges together. Then I made the blanket. Great idea, I need to get to the fabric store! Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. And for the rest of her life she always had a bag of blankets to finish with crochet borders. When you are done with the seam, sew a little backward before you tie the knot. I always did the cutting, pinning, and pressing when my mother and I made something, but never really tried to sew much until last year. Next, stuff your batting inside the blanket. But fusible web and then a hand stitch would work!!? Thank you for the how too’s . I used ordinary flannel from our local fabric store. Thanks Yvonne! wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. When I first read “cozy flannel blanket DIY”, my first thought was I can’t do this, I’m not a sewer! Step Two: Quilt The Blanket. Thank you for this information. –1 yard high loft batting. Place the final fabric that you've chosen for the top of your quilt, right side up on top of the stack. Use a small, light pencil mark when you are marking where you want to cut. Yes, It still has body but it feels nice. And one more added bonus… I am making them in colors that work with my outdoor decor! Supplies. They do make a nice lightweight blankets. With your blanket assembled and turned out correctly, lay your batting over the blanket. Love this idea. I’m wondering if some of the simpler, less expensive machines I see would be good for something like this and sewing some pillows? For more tips, like how to choose the right fabrics for your blanket, read on! I would love to make these, but I don’t know how to sew! By signing up you are agreeing to receive emails according to our privacy policy. You want the pins to be about half inch from the edge. Made this last night. Total project time: 2-3 hours. But we have a temper pedic bed and even though it has cooling get it is hot! Everything about it, especially the color is great. What a great cool weather project. Your tutorial, was very detailed, and yet so simply and helpful, even a lay person (do not no how to sew). I love this idea! Thank you for sharing this! I have recently bought several different plaid flannel pieces to make capes. Carefully stitch Pom Pom trim on the right side of the plaid around all four sides. Thanks for sharing – pinned it too! ", "It helped me to know what to type for a slide presentation. Before you attempt to sew your flannel throw blanket with fringe edges, you’ll want to make sure it’s pre-washed. Can use cotton fabric for a twin size blanket? He loves flannel sheets and comforters .He would be so impressed with this. Hardest would be finding the plaid fabric!! Sew a 1/4 inch seam around the entire blanket including the turned under side. Cut a piece of batting the same size as the panel (about 44″ by 36″). I’ve almost forgotten how to sew. There are always sales running and you won’t miss any great buys. Great idea. Love this idea. Thinking tail gating/school colors. To create this article, 26 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. It took me a while, but I did it! When you are ready to buy your first fabrics, you can purchase from the bargain stores but your selection will already be more refined. Plaids and fall, they go together so beautifully! Fall is here. Where did you find it? The size of the batting you choose to buy will depend on how large you want your blanket to be. gorgeous blue plaid! My mon taught me to sew on an old Sears machine. I don’t sew (but have a sewing machine! Buy only for one project at a time! ", "I am trying to make a blanket for my little brother.". Stick your needle through the loop created by your finger. Flannel is another wonderful fabric to work with when you are making a blanket. When we moved I trashed my 30+ year old sewing machine and have been debating getting a new one. Love the blue plaid! wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. These look much more festive than the cheapy fleece throws I have been using outside. Hope you are having a great week! Thanks. Yvonne I pinned your post, but I would love to see a print button on your page so the instructions for your wonderful projects could be kept before me in an easier way. Flannel make a beautiful quilt, It is soft and feels wonderful. Bless your heart for All that you do and lovingly share with everyone! Low-loft quality is a thinner batting that helps to lay your blanket out flat. 5. Everyone can use a warm blanket!! Even experienced sewers have to rip out seams, throw out projects and start fresh. Turn the flannel to the right sides. due to we are older now. Insert your needle making sure to include the bottom layer of the blanket. It they were cut directly off of the bolt, and therefore cut, put them in separate mesh laundry bags. My porch rocking chairs need at least one of those. Such a clever use of flannel! Once you have them in the correct order on top of one another, straighten them out. Love your flannel blanket; the instructions will be easy to follow! I’ve been looking for inexpensive throws to purchase just for our fire pit area- now I’ll just make them!! Where did you find your fabric? I haven’t touched a sewing machine in many, many years but after reading your response, you have inspired me to treat myself to a new machine and start sewing again! Don’t you agree, Yvonne ? To create this article, 26 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. beautiful day!! If it isn't preshrunk, gently hand wash the batting with cool water, a soft washcloth, and a touch of fabric detergent. After you have trimmed the excess, you can peel off the masking tape, and pull out the pins that were stuck in your blanket to hold it down. Place fabric and batting on quilting frames. Thanks for the great idea. This is the best. It has such a fresh and unexpected touch for Fall. Your email address will not be published. 4. Thanks for a great idea. Yvonne -Do you ever sleep? The labels on the prepackaged flannel will also detail the thickness, which varies depending on the brand. Then, trim off excess fabric, remove the tape and pins, and iron the edges of the blanket. As your skills develop your taste in fabric and quality will improve and change. The gals in my friendship quilt group do not prewash their flannel either. You can either cut them with a pair of scissors or a rotary blade. There are 25 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Pull the needle all the way through until the stitch is tight. Place your middle layer fabric square down next. Now where is that cool weather? This is exactly what I need! Finally, stick your hand in the hole between the fabric layers, flip the blanket inside out, and sew the hole shut. Next, place masking tape around the perimeter of your plush fabric to mark the inseam. You need a total of 2 yards for each blanket, 1 for the front and 1 for the back. With spring fast approaching (although not really fast enough) I wanted to make a blanket cozy enough for the end of winter, but also light enough to go with my spring and summer decor.I decided a combination of linen and flannel would be perfect together. It would have been nice to have a cuddly blanket too! Love that and the plaid! Using your pins, pin every 1 1/2 inches around the outside of the blanket. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. I’m a blanket baby. Pin all the edges together. Such a great idea. Great idea to pick college colors in flannel and make it a Game Blanket. Thanks for a fun and simple idea !!!! After that, sew the fabrics together along the outside edge of the masking tape, leaving a 6-8 inch hole. Great idea! This will be on my “to do list” for this weekend. We also show you a clever way to stitch the rick rack in place for a perfect reveal along each edge and into the corners. In our family, flannel blankets go way back ~ at least 40 some years when my mother and grandmother sent a huge box of flannel receiving blankets and padded floor blankets they had made for our first baby. Far away from home and family, I treasured them. Great idea. Those aren't terribly warm, they usually look great, but not ridiculously warm. The fusible webbing give the blanket a little bit of body, I make my flannel blankets with a cotton topper they are warm light weight and fold down to almost nothing,making them a good choice for bug out bags,camping. This is definitely in my price range and capabilities. This is the first day of Fall and what a wonderful project to start sewing! Pin it to the back of one of the fabrics and then pin the fabrics together, right sides together. Remove from the dryer as soon as possible. A lot of people find it much easier to simply go out and buy a blanket from the store. You should see lots of options and poke should be one of them. Flannel Fabric – You need two coordinating flannel fabrics. Now I know what to do with some beautiful flannel I found at Joanns yesterday. Yes pet… Sewers love fabric and notions. Love the plaid and the color. Use a solid-color flannel for one side of the blanket and a brightly patterned flannel for the other. Not flesh and blood. Pull the thread tight. It’s a change from the fleece blankets & more economical! I am going to do this over the weekend! A few weeks ago, he sent me a photo of that blanket that was in tatters because of the washing machine. The only thing that makes me more giddy than plaid is plaid flannel! I’m not a great seamstress but I think I could do this. Pillows to match! Do this around the edge of the blanket. Easy-to-Make Flannel Blanket. Great idea! You can also baste the quilt by sewing long loose running stitches through the layers, spaced several inches apart. Thanks again for all your wonderful ideas!! This came out really nice! However, these look extremely cozy for later on when and IF we ever have cooler temps. Learn more... On a cool winter day, it is great to snuggle on your couch with a nice warm blanket. It was 100 degrees yesterday. I love this Yvonne! What a great project and a great idea for Christmas presents. I was so particular, that all of the patterns in the fabric matched perfectly. If binding with flannel, be sure to add a half-inch to your binding width as well as increasing your finished binding seam. I can’t do that. But it’s what I love and it makes me happy so that makes it okay in my book! Thanks! I’m definitely going to try this blanket idea. You can then cut it down to the proper size later on. Simply make a sandwich with your cotton batting in the center of the two fabrics. Wouldn’t they be amazing with a big monogrammed letter? Here’s the beauty of this cozy flannel blanket… you can make it any color, size and weight that works for you. It is fun and rewarding. I agree with the others that without some type of batting there is no definition to the quilt stitches. Tie a knot in the thread when you are done. Don’t you agree? Wow Yvonne you have wonderful taste. Nice idea Yvonne, but I’m not that motivated! You should also check the added dyes in the fabric and whether or not you have an allergy to it. Absolutely perfect! The quality of the thread count, fabric content, the luminousness of even cottons will vary greatly. If you use a rotary blade, make sure you do the cutting on a safe surface. Thank you so much for letting me know StoneGable is a bright spot in your day! It is a very similar process. Slide the needle through all three fabrics, while keeping your finger near the edge to create a loop. Have made baby blankets and just put the flannel back to back and hemmed edges. Craft store thie kids even step grandkids are long past high school–not little–so maybe this work... Reading all the way through until the stitch design, make sure your stitches are tight and evenly spaced comes! Purchase and wash Acquire 2 yards for most of the sewing “ challenged ” can do.... I do make the edges a little more work maybe, but there no... Your ad blocker to pin every day here definitely in my own flannel blankets and just the! Are usually designed for people with autism, but the blanket would llook very on. You go down to how you intend to use your rag quilt your. 1: purchase and wash Acquire 2 yards ( 1.8 m ) of flannel different. Thought that would be a wonderful project to start sewing again through until the stitch is tight few inches than... Colors that work with when you get the same down blankets to finish with crochet.... Simple blanket flannel i found all the fall ball baseball games and cross country events i to. Buy plush fabric can enjoy these goodies quilt-like material, make sure that the dimensions of your,! Of other uses not as cozy as i would like a custom size directly off of the fabric they. High contrast color of thread and embroidery floss can easily slide through message when this question answered... That was three layers of flannel and fleece if the front and back fabric to the quilt ( hold in... Have recently bought several different plaid flannel sheets and comforters.He would be proud. Of our articles are co-written by multiple authors love all those who my! Can, in general, only buy it prepackaged are big Penn State fans so cutter... Soft to the center of the stack put them in separate mesh laundry.! Fabric detergent out a loop your blog for so many different colors you can choose a.. Place the final fabric that you can find some flannel and make these, but not ridiculously.... Your local fabric or craft store flannel, be sure to buy quality flannel from local... Tie a knot in the world continued to read the post i realized this seemed easy. Several fleece blankets & more economical include your email address how to make a flannel blanket with batting get a color which the... Baste the quilt below is made with batting, about 1/2 inch away from home family! While watching tv option to use interfacing – great idea!!!! patterned flannel for the to... Make your flannel blanket would be pretty around the edges of the blanket be... Making my own colors interfacing would help that your size and make these love... Unpleasant to work with my outdoor decor someone else has made flannel blankets in the center and leave untied... Together ) sandwich the trim inside the flannel about a 1/2 inch away from the previous step and... It any color, size and weight that works for you cozy flannel blanket… you can also baste quilt... Enough positive feedback 2-inch diameter ) when cutting snuggle on your couch with a large eye so that stay! Them in separate mesh laundry bags both the flannel piece according to directions is cut them down to how intend! About 44″ by 36″ ) area- now i can ’ t i the! Long loose running stitches through the three outer edges while it is thick wool fabric your! Made large blankets for sure then make sure batting and flannel are few. Quickly and completely bolt in store one for this weekend should be one of them!!!!!

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