AEON MALL Sen Sok City held its opening ceremony today, highlighting their concept of “more surprise, more joy, more excitement” for Cambodia’s emerging young adults.

Located in the emerging area of “Pong Peay City”, the mall is north of downtown Phnom Penh. Currently, under development of the LYP group, the mall’s surrounding area is slated for construction and planning of housing, wedding venues, and commercial facilities. Other projects under local developers include residential projects such as high-end housing, promising further developments in the future. With convenient transportation of city-wide buses, the mall plans be a convenient place for everyone to enjoy.

Visitors can expect several attractive features of the mall, including most noticeably, the visually green environment. In collaboration with Cambodia’s famous cafe franchise of Brown Coffee, Sen Sok City Garden, and the entire mall is filled with greenery in theme with its “forest” design.

AEON’s second mall is designated to be the largest comprehensive recreational facility in Cambodia with plans for a water park, aquarium, indoor amusement park, cinema, bowling center, music hall, TV studio and game center. In addition to Cambodia’s first IMAX theater from Major Cineplex and the country’s largest bowling complex, the mall will also introduce Cambodian TV studio, Hang Meas TV’s latest recording theater, entertainment cafe, and restaurant.

Convenient services will also be more readily available for visitors such as a passport center, ID card center, and driver license renewal center. A financial zone of 5 banks, 14 ATMs, and life insurance booths are also available. Targeting the interests and lifestyle of an emerging population of adults in Cambodia, the mall has opened specialty stores geared toward activewear, a sports club with swimming pools, as well as for hobbies involving audio, books, and motorcycles. This is the first time, the Japanese mall has brought over Japan’s famous bookstore franchise Kinokuniya and fishing gear brand Tackle Berry to Cambodia.

The mall will also include community space in their Multifunctional Activity Hall and Indoor Futsal Field, for social functions. Designed to be eco-friendly, the mall will be the first in Cambodia to introduce the megawatt solar system and high-efficiency air-conditioning system in a commercial facility. The mall has reduced power consumption through these methods and plan to further reduce its CO² emissions by 1,564 tons annually.


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