Sotheara Thach has pride in his work. After he opened an osteopath clinic called The Natural Wellness Center in Phnom Penh, he has helped a small population of the estimated two million people in Phnom Penh. Treating an average of 20 to 35 patient a week, Thach treats everyone from elderly to even newborn babies.

The most common complaint from patients have been about lower back pain, which many believe that a chiropractor can cure, Thach claims. “Osteopathy — It is different than chiropractic,” Thatch stated. “It’s the same technique but not the same opinion.” He described the chiropractic method as focused on the spine and musculoskeletal system, while osteopathy extends the focus to the brain and nerves that go out the spine. Osteopathy can diagnose an individual’s health by examining the skeleton, muscles, ligaments and tissues through using touch, physical manipulation, stretching and massages. Using osteopath, Thach can make adjustments — unlocking the tension and working to keep the tension from returning.

Recommended by doctors on babies with difficult births, Thach sees about ten babies a month. He manipulates the tissue under the skin, loosening the tissues so it will reform better as the child develops. It is like scars, says Thach. The skin loses its elasticity and scar tissue can stiffen the joint. If the baby was born feet first, then there maybe problems with a foot. The tension from the birth is locked into the child and can caused the baby pain, leading to no sleep. By loosening the tissue, the muscle can reform and develop properly. Adding that if tension is left untreated then brain will learn the tension, making it difficult to get rid of in the future.

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