Overgrowth can be avoided if the plant is pruned often. My lighting gives the upper parts of the plant a very nice reddish orange color. This virus being harmless to both plants and fish. The unique color of the plant can only be maintained if the water contains appropriate levels of iron. If you are looking for a plant that will not only be easy to grow but will change if you give you give it the right conditions, this plant is right for you. Simply place the stem in the substrate with or without any leaves and it stays fairly well, even in my larger aquarium gravel. Sunset Hygro Native to Southeast Asia, the Sunset Hygro is a visually appealing low light aquarium plant that’s easy to grow. Health Care Products Books See All 13 Departments Avg. Being a leaf and root nutrient absorber, this plant really easy to feed and will grow in most any substrate. Other Observations: Overall, this plant will be a very easy and tolerant plant for almost any freshwater tank. Temperature: Tropical. http://www.tropica.com/plant_print.asp. ... fo salt since 1979, mixed reef 55g 2002-2009. Ver más ideas sobre plantas acuaticas, plantas, acuarios. I obtained some, and have had nothing but great growth since. can easily be propagated by placing the tops back into the substrate while trimming. ]]> Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Sunset hygro grows extremely fast in most cases, and for this reason, is illegal to ship. A combination of both of these can result in very brilliant colors. In fact, CO2 could be far too much for … Do not make drastic changes to the aquarium. Maximum Size: 25-40 cm although can probably grow to the top of most tanks. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Multi-function historical bar chart Wireless Hygro-Thermo Indoor Sensor 1. Sunset Hygro is fairly easy to obtain from other hobbyists but may be harder to buy in local fish stores due to its nuisance weed status. 2 nice stems $4, rotala colorata $2 a stem,pearlweed $3 for a portion, hygro augustofolia a beautiful,easy grassy plant $3 Effective Humidification The heat and moisture exchanger Due to the lighting not being considered high lighting, limiting of nitrates to 5ppm or less could be the contributing factor. ( Log Out /  Relatively easy to care for; prefers medium to high light. Transmission status LED 2. When planting, try to plant the stems at a 45 degree angle into the gravel. Wall mount 3. What truly causes the colors to appear isn’t known but with the information provided, the fun part will be to find out what works for you as you experiment with light and nitrate levels. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Propagation: Propagation is simple by cutting the stem and replanting. This specimen is in a 20 gallon tank, 60 watts of lighting. Home / care - easy / Hygrophila ‘ sunset ’ – Single stem Only $ 2.00 hanya! The distinctive colouring of the pale leaf ribs is probably caused by a virus which prevents chlorophyll from being produced in the cells around the leaf ribs, making them white. Has oval-shaped leaves; the leaves at the top of the plant take on a reddish-pink hue in the right conditions. In a short time the But if you want deep-pink leaves you must provide intensive light. See more ideas about fish tank, aquarium fish, freshwater aquarium. Also have matongrosse which is a beautiful palm like plant, looks delicate but is really hardy and grows fast under normal aquarium lighting. 6. It is particularly good for beginners because it grows in almost all conditions. Being a leaf and root nutrient absorber, this plant really easy to feed and will grow in most any substrate. It prefers to live in warmer bodies of water that are modeled like the tropical environments it’s used to. The absolute cause is not known. This will help keep the plants anchored to the substrate. Using aquarium plant tweezers can help prevent damage. Simply place the stem in the substrate with or without any leaves and it stays fairly well, even in my larger aquarium gravel. Frequent pruning is a must, or else it will try to take over the tank. ( Log Out /  Aquascaping Tools: Trimming the Sunset Hygrophila - YouTube 18-30° C. ; 64-86° F. Light Level: Various light levels ranging from low to very high light. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Be sure to be careful when (re)planting: the stems can be quite fragile and are easily broken. It is also commonly found as a floating plant. Very easy care and good growth will make it a welcome addition to any tank. X, et je retire ma commande en 2H dans mon magasin botanic®. 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