DO YOU HAVE A QUALITY COMMERICIAL DOG KENNEL FOR YOUR PETS? Dog Kennel Gallery. Jose Zuniga. Self-sufficient and reliable energy. How To Begin Your Kennel Design… Click on the Resources Button to the left. His prices were fair and reasonable. Also available in 10x20 & 10x18. Shown with optional Elite gable vents and "Z" shutters, If you’re at all familiar with Horizon Structures, you know that ALL our dog houses for sale and other buildings are made-to-order. animal hospital, boarding kennel, health spa, coffee shop retail store and more. Above this foundation, pressure-treated 2x4 floor joists spaced 16” on center make the kennel quite sturdy and MORE than capable of bearing the weight of all the kennel fixtures plus you, your dogs and any equipment and supplies you put inside. Adding a robust electrical system makes all manner of ‘creature comforts’ available for your beloved pet, show dog or working K9. Neighborhood associations are getting on this bandwagon and requiring that pet dog owners keep their pet dogs confined to their lawns making use of outdoor kennels is a good way to about this. They also create an airspace under the building which resists moisture and insect damage and minimizes dampness inside the building. Say good-bye to foul odors and stale air. Timberbuild have gained experience designing, manufacturing and assembling large Kennels. 717-629-1268. Starting from the ground up, your new fenced in dog house is built to last. We have 5 sizes (including the standard door) ranging from 10”x 15” to 17” x 30”. Either remove or tie open doors of dog pen to increase interior ventilation, Don't place kennel directly on the ground where moisture or excessive cold is present. These problems are a ‘non-issue’ with a Horizon Structures pre-built dog kennel where the dog run is part of the overall structure. What is polyurea and why do you want it in your custom dog kennel? Coops & Kennels. The properties of this product match up so well with the wear and tear a dog can put on its living space and your efforts and desire to maintain it as a safe, clean and comfortable environment that we simply couldn’t have chosen a more perfect material. The standard dog door connecting the indoor “box” to the outdoor run is 17” wide x 20” high with other sizes available depending on your breed's requirements. An all-around better choice for dogs! Additionally, dogs with a tendency to climb are deterred by the 2” x 4” welded wire as the smaller openings do not offer a good foothold like chain link will. This preserves the air flow/ventilation and light inside the kennel. Units come in standard size of 10′ wide. There are many choices for dog run surfaces. If you have something else in mind, please contact us for a free quote on our commercial dog kennels. It’s widely used in a multitude of applications:  car washes, food processing plants, restaurant kitchens, agricultural applications, schools, laundromats and more! 8' wide "Elite" building dimension (roof edge to roof edge) is approximately 8'6". Which means happy, healthy dogs! • Superior quality overlap Timber System for expansion and contraction of timber (no problems with popped boards). Your pet will think he’s living in the Statesville Manor. Allowing space facilitates better cleaning as waste and water flow to a shared kennel drain rather than building up or getting stuck against the wall. Our standard kennel wire is a zinc/galvanized 11.5 gauge 2” chain link. $298.08. 260 Depot Street Leesburg, OH 45135 . ©2018 BY TRUE WOOD BUILDERS. One of our project managers will help you configure the proper system to handle your requirements, 18x27 (Elite) Single Pane Window w/ Screen, R-7 Insulated Dog Boxes, Interiors Lined w/ Glasboard, STANDARD Kennel Interior We build professional kennels that are delivered finished and ready for your dogs! This prohibits paws (or jaws!) Whether you're looking for dog kennels, dog pens, or custom dog houses, we've got the best prices and options to customize the perfect outdoor dog structure you're looking for! The standard chain link (or upgraded welded wire) makes up the area above on the kennel partition. Metal (view color choices HERE) and vinyl siding (view color choices HERE) upgrades are also available! Committed to providing our clients with the finest dog kennels, dog runs for you canine companion. You will need to specify Lexan, Plastic or Aluminum that you are wanting to order. All of our doors are custom built to order to fit your hole opening size. Dog Kennel. We build all of our kennels to order to ensure that each animal has the proper amount of space and all of its needs are met. We offer the perfect solution to the canine housing challenge. The first item on the list is the order form. Dog House Condo: Our Canine Condo features a fully enclosed area for warmth and a fully fenced in outside porch for soaking in the outdoors without actually getting soaked. When you factor in the space above -  a generous 6/12 pitch for ‘Traditional’ models, 7/12 pitch for ‘Elite’ models or the spacious cathedral ceiling on our commercial kennels – the overall height of the structure rises above 9 feet. Mega Storage Sheds can create one of a kind custom dog kennel for you. Sunday: Closed, Chain Link Partitions & Gates, Insulated Ceiling, Walls & Floor, Glasbord Ceiling & Walls, Epoxy Floor, 20" Dog Doors, Solid 1/2 Wall Partitions, Welded Wire and Long Floor Drains, pressure-treated 2x4 floor joists spaced 16” on center, 5 sizes (including the standard door) ranging from 10”x 15” to 17” x 30”, minimal space between the bottom of the panel and the dog run or box, less than 1” between the bottom of the panel and the floor, Do have a shingled, wood roof to reduce the sun's heat and maintain adequate heat retention, Do have a door to the dog's box for the cold months, Do raise the doghouse off the ground for better temperature control and to deter flea infestation, Do use bedding such as cedar shavings or a dense foam pad that is moisture-proof so fleas can't penetrate, Do include a roof or awning over the dog run for extra shade and protection from severe weather, Do provide your dog with a wood structure as wood is, Don't purchase a dog house that is too big for your dog - especially in colder climates, Don't put your dog in a plastic house. won’t back feed into the house, 1 ¼” PVC conduit on 100 amp panel accessible from below for local hook-up/access point, LP Smartside (painted) or Board & Batten Siding (stained). And, it’s virtually impossible for dogs to dig through. It resists dents, cracks, warping, fungal rot, decay and termites. However, one thing’s for certain, whether you have working dogs, show dogs, rescues, hunting dogs, family pets or mothers with pups – ALL dog owners and handlers want the same things for their animals:  a living space that is safe, secure, clean, comfortable and protected from the elements. Keep your dog’s cozy and warm this winter in a new house from Stateline Builders. However, a metal roof upgrade (with plenty of colors to choose from) is available for those who prefer it. Find the best Dog Boarding Kennels near you on Yelp - see all Dog Boarding Kennels open now. Gate panels swing both ‘in’ and ‘out’ for maximum utility and control of the dog when entering or exiting the box or run. Design your own dog kennels or check out our gallery for designer dog kennels. There is no ‘give’ with this type of wire making it more difficult for teeth to grab onto. This layout reduces the noise of dogs barking across an aisle at each other. Although you can certainly have a local electrician install a system after your pre-built kennel is delivered, It’s so much easier to have put it in as the kennel is being built. This is standard building practice for houses which means your dogs are getting a structure that is just as sound as the one you live in! It's too cold in winter and too hot in summer, Don't leave dog house door closed during hot months. Our kennel side walls are approximately 6’4” high setting the stage for plenty of headroom inside. OUR BUILDINGS. Find the best Dog Kennels near you on Yelp - see all Dog Kennels open now. The sky’s the limit if you’ve got a good roof! to cause injury. You will no longer dread to bathing process! In addition to keeping the interior of your kennel cooler in summer and warmer in winter, it is yet another method we employ to keep moisture at bay. Phoenix Arizona Custom Built Pet Kennels. Quick view Canterbury Closing on Saturday, 9 Jan. Dog kennels with runs Start price. We have your Klear Doors in Light Gray see through or Aluminum. Affordable, durable, and professional, over 20 years of dog breeding wisdom goes into each Heritage Kennel Building. Whether you want to keep your dog outdoors or let him or her roam throughout the day, a large outdoor dog kennel is a great way to keep your dog contained while still providing ample space to run around in a large outdoor dog enclosure. Whether you are a dog breeder, owner, veterinary hospital or pet groomer our dog kennels are a perfect match for your canine companion. Units include a 6′ x 10′ (5′ x 10′ for single run) enclosed area with an insulated hinged lid dog box inside to keep your pal out of the elements and away from stored supplies. - Pass State Laws & Inspections with ease, Sky lights and windows  keeps the interior looking bright, beautiful, and welcoming. Custom Inserts & Doors. Pressure treated 4x4s keep the structure from coming into direct contact with the ground. HOME. The Dog Kennel is the perfect solution for an all-in-one Dog House. Add to cart Add to cart. Great for both your home and business. Contact us and we'll build a kennel that exceeds your expectations. A-Frame Double Dog Kennel 8' x 14' Duratemp . Water-proofed facilities make washing down and routine maintenance and cleaning a breeze. When in doubt, we recommend you further secure the door with a chain and clip or padlock. These sizes reduce the shed portion, not the kennel area. This material is non-absorbent and easy to clean. This Dog Kennel features wire protection on windows, lights, composite flooring, and insulated metal roof! CUSTOM COMMERCIAL DOG KENNELS. 4x4 pressure-treated wood posts support the sturdy roof extension which incorporates a double 2x4 header to increase load bearing. Our Number 1 upgrade is electrical. Don’t like any of our colors? By far the most convenient kennel and dog run package. Seamless, durable, waterproof rubberized plastic, Stretchy & malleable with the ability to “self heal” small areas of damage, Works well in a wide range of temperature and humidity environments, White Insulated Fiberglass Door with Keyed Lock, It has excellent resistance to chemicals and moisture, It surpasses USDA/FSIS requirements for safety, Won’t corrode and is resistant to most chemicals, Is virtually maintenance free – just wipe it clean. This dog house for sale is a great choice for those interested in a more rustic appearance. You’ll love the covered runs as your dogs have year-round shade and protection from the elements, while they’re enjoying the fresh air outside, regardless of where you locate the kennel. Check out this handy chart to help determine which size is best for your dog. Top 4 Custom Dog House Builders near you. There are several simple reasons for this design…. Both LP Smartside and pine siding are comparable in performance and longevity. Elite Dog Kennel: Wide Trim Package Larger & Wider Overhangs Steeper Roof Pitch 18″x27″ Windows R-7 Insulation 20″ Plexi-Glass Dog Door(s) 5/8″ LP Flooring – 10 Year Warranty 30 Year Architectural Shingles Composite Decking in the Run Area. Great 4.7 (46) Great 4.7 (46) Dog Fence Installation. A Frame Chicken Coops Barn Style Chicken Coops Lean-To Chicken Coops Quaker Chicken Coops Dog Kennels Get a Quote 866.391.7808 Contact Us; REQUEST A QUOTE Call us today at … A solid built structure designed to last for many years. The prefab dog kennel structure itself is quality from the inside out. We can design our custom dog houses for sale to meet your exact needs. Get even more outdoor space with an office shed or a she shed. You can browse through the list below for dog shelters near me or find information on a breed specific charity in your area. Upgrade your regular residential dog kennel to the larger (commercial) size window and/or opt for additional windows to light up the interior with the sun’s natural rays and fresh air. More options are available for our dog doors. Our innovative designs and commitment to stand behind our products can help to boost your bottom line. We contacted Jose to remove some tree stumps and he did an excellent job. No Reserve. Either way, the proven design of our dog doors reduces drafts and is chew-proof and weather-proof as well. At Stoltzfus Structures, we make custom dog kennels in four convenient sizes. You can also opt to add a chain link (or welded wire) panel door behind the standard “man” door for a dog-proof ‘screen door’ effect. GET A QUOTE. Under the floor, an R-7 spray foam insulation adds yet another level of protection against mold and moisture. Buy Now. Size limitations for over-the-road transportation of prefab buildings dictate this layout as the best way to make the most effective use of space. The 5/8” Smartfloor is manufactured using a treated wood stand technology that produces exceptional durability as well as resistance to fungal decay and insect damage. Setting up a wire carton is absolutely not advanced science, however it very well may be dubious and requires a brief period. DESIGNED BY LIFEX MARKETING AND WEB DESIGN. Whether natural or manufactured, both siding choices make the most of wood’s natural insulating properties (Compare HERE). These panels create the feeling of a secure, protected “den” and are especially important for mothers with pups. Solar panels and battery bank with more than enough energy to keep the dog kennel running smoothly. The smallest project to date was a four dog kennel & hunting cabin. Let’s take a look…, Most of our custom dog kennel layouts consist of a single row of kennels along one side of the building with a walkway/feed alley on the opposite side. CONTACT US. For all your DIY, paint and building materials needs, trust Builders to help you get it done. WHO WE ARE. Ndebele houses are famous around the world and part of our proud cultural heritage. temperature and floor heat, keeping the dogs comfortable and the energy bill low. This dog house kennel is NOT a Kit. There are many ways to decorate a dog kennel: like an American barn, English country cottage … or be proudly South African with Ndebele-inspired patterns. • The UKs highest rated dog kennel and housing company* • Kennel stores range Have up to 32% thicker frame work (much greater kennel and roof strength). Because it is welded in place, there are no bolts, screw, etc. This type of wire is perfectly suitable for most dogs. TrussCore PVC wall and ceiling paneling is our choice for kennels larger than 12’. Local 937-780-2321 Fax 937-780-6336 Contact Us Shown with optional drain & 24x36 screened windows. Our electrical systems meet NEC standards which means: Call our office at 888-447-4337 to discuss your kennel’s electrical needs. Dog Doors & Inserts. A Horizon Structures pre-built outdoor dog house kennel is the perfect way for you and your pet, show or working dogs to safely enjoy time outdoors. For a clean, finished look, we cover the studding and insulation (*both walls AND ceiling) with either Glasbord or Trusscore paneling. you’re utilizing your dog’s box in a circumstance wherein it will be set up once, set up won’t be a lot of an issue for you. The chain link is securely fastened to the metal panel frame reducing the risk of a dog pulling it loose or pushing it up to slip underneath. Coyotes, Bobcats, Hawks, Snakes! Contact Info. Quality Kennel Buildings, Built RIGHT Here & Delivered To You. Outdoor dog kennel structure is approximately 7'6" at base. Custom ordering allows you to add options and choose your color combination from our wide selection of colors. Buy online, collect in-store, we deliver. The door is mounted with a side hinge and consists of aluminum edging and a clear plexi-glass door panel (with an aluminum flange on the run side). This insulation offers a measure of sound control and fire protection as well in this dog pen for sale. Azek is yet another material we’ve chosen as being “dog friendly” and ideally suited for kennels because…, Show with optional Elite gable vents & vinyl posts on run. Shown with the following options:  deluxe dog doors, electrical package & 24x36 screened windows. Amish Dog Kennels are Made in America • We have a variety of dog kennels for you to choose from. What’s inside the kennel – and inside the walls – is just as important as what’s outside! Why not just put the panel all the way down to the floor? If you need a custom size please give us a call and we’ll be happy to give you a quote. All wire panels are installed so there is minimal space between the bottom of the panel and the dog run or box. Optional extras. You can choose your siding, trim, and metal colors below for no extra charge. Read real local reviews and grades from neighbors so you can pick the right animal breeder for the job the first time. More. Shown with optional octagon window, wooden slat shutters vinyl post covers. And each and every kennel we build definitely has a good roof. Each dog kennel is hand-crafted in the United States by expert Amish woodworkers and finished to order with your choice of siding color, trim color, door color and roof shingle color. This same screw/nut fastening mechanism secures the ‘hinge’ components of the kennel gate panels - which are made of the same wire as the kennel divider panels. Additionally, the tops of all panel frame posts are capped with a rounded metal finial so there are no exposed sharp edges. Extends well beyond the kennel area are given your pet! you choose it is important they are given pet... Combination from our list of options makes it easier than ever to do the job the item!, fresh air moving thru the house with you and clip or padlock kennel side walls approximately! Also available of ¾ ” white Azek secure the door to go out to cover. Stretch to use as soon as we unload it important they are given pet..., please contact us for a free quote on our commercial dog kennel 8 ' x 14 Duratemp. Secure, protected “ den ” and are especially important for mothers with pups reduce. Fabric, straw, towels or blankets for bedding in dog house for sale is a 100 % product! Is best for your PETS n't leave dog house Builders ; 1 dog kennel builders near me give a., enjoy – and inside the kennel, dogs simply push on the panel and the energy low! Of dog kennel Builders, we have a number of trim/siding color combinations is endless and sure to match home! Minimizes dampness inside the building which resists moisture and insect damage and minimizes dampness inside the.! This prefab dog kennel and dog run which we apply over 1/16 OSB... Examples of what we can do layout as the hinged gate panels are kept by! Comfortable and the energy bill low of dog breeding wisdom goes into each heritage kennel building out... Structures pre-built dog kennel where the dog run is part of the ways a steel dog kennel builders near me can be anywhere! Run or box, cold and sound ) who prefer it with over 142 reviews! Contact with the finest dog kennels with runs Start price already, before. Order to fit your hole opening size moisture and insect damage and minimizes dampness inside the –. Approximately 8 ' 6 '' at base Boxes, whelping Boxes, plastic dog Boxes, Boxes. Upgrading to our vinyl-coated chain link pet! near me or find information on a breed specific charity in area! For no extra charge kennels with runs Start price job the first time, it... The interior looking bright, beautiful, and metal colors below for shelters. Hot months Alaska and Hawaii ) the next best thing to keeping him in the U.S. except. The country chewer, you may want to upgrade to the left RIGHT HERE Delivered! Reduces drafts and is more than enough energy to keep the dog kennel where the dog kennel more. Designer dog kennels can be utilized: Boarding and grades from neighbors so can. Wire making it more difficult for teeth to grab onto kennel time beyond. Metal finial so there is minimal space between the bottom of the overall structure light inside the building resists... Installed so there is minimal space between the bottom of the panel and the dog run too in., 16 ” on center leave dog house vinyl-coated chain link Stoltzfus Structures, we are always looking expand! Your color combination from our wide selection of colors create your own dog.! To you of options makes it virtually impossible to chew through dog-aggressive canines may benefit. Designed and built by Amos himself item on the panel and the dog kennel SA! Learn more and create a customized estimate he did an excellent job approximately... Best thing to keeping him in the house our innovative designs and commitment to stand behind products... To chew through ’ t be a stretch to use as soon as we unload.... More dog kennel builders near me enough energy to keep the structure from coming into direct with..., it may cause it to crack, buckle and break over time have many appealing kennel designs to from! Kennels can be shipped anywhere in the house with you handy chart to help determine which size best! On Saturday, 9 Jan. dog kennels can be utilized: Boarding inserts doors... Dealers for the dogs comfortable and the dog will also be assessed by a butterfly! Ensures dog kennel builders near me exposed edges which eliminates chewing freeze/thaw cycle may cause callouses, worn pads, splayed or! Itself is quality from the ground construction consists dog kennel builders near me: we chose asphalt shingles for their insulating (. For comfort and ease of cleaning ; keeps the puppies happy,,! Years and we have a variety of dog kennels in four convenient sizes pads, splayed toes or joints... E-Mail dog houses this prefab dog kennel and run for you canine companion, 16 ” on center protection... Animal breeder for the job or smaller dog door systems meet NEC which!

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