Many entrepreneurs have been continuingly investing in real estate due to the sector’s potential in developing the urban and suburban areas of Cambodia. Here are three successful entrepreneurs who are cornering the real estate business in the kingdom.

Oknha Hong Piv (Real Estate)

Hong Piv
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Oknha Hong Piv is known for being one of Cambodia’s largest real estate tycoon. As CEO of the large suburban complex,  Borey New World, he has also become the vice president of Cambodia Chamber of Commerce. He is also recognized for his charitable donations to the Kantha Bopha Hospital and other institutions.

Oknha Vann Sou Ieng (Garment, Real Estate)
A popular figure in Cambodia, Oknha Vann Sou Ieng is known for his net worth from his stronghold over the garment industry. He is the Chairman of Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia (GMAC), the Chairman of Cambodia Federation of Employers and Business Associations, and he is the President of the Horse Riding Federation of Cambodia. On February 2013,  Venn Sou Ieng was granted the title of “Oknha” by King Norodom Sihanomi of Cambodia.

Oknha Thai Chea Hout (Real Estate)
Oknha Thai Chea Hout is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Peng Hout Group. His company has invested billions of dollars in housing projects in urban and residential areas of Cambodia. The development of the large suburban complex, Borey Peng Hout, has made the Peng Hout Company as one of the strongest housing developers in Phnom Penh to date.

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